Our mission

Synfonio Foods exists to make Africa’s exclusive supergrain more attractive and accessible to people everywhere. Leveraging a combination of passion & experience, creativity & innovation, science & technology, and our unique placement on the beautiful Jos Plateau (home to fonio in Nigeria), we will explore and discover the vast goodness that fonio has to offer, and share it with you.

Our Values

A few things that define us, our brand, and how we work:
Tastefulness: This means we are about things like quality and style. In other words, we prefer to do things in good taste. This affects everything from our approach to branding and advertising to customer relations, from how we interact with our suppliers to how we conduct business and treat our staff. It’s also a promise that everything we make will taste great.
Accessibility: This not only defines our personality as a brand, it also defines our products. Wherever you may be, we will do everything in our power to bring our products right to your doorstep. It also means you can call or write us any time and we will respond.
Curiosity: We often imagine what’s hiding behind the clouds or beyond the horizon. We’re putting this curiosity to good use by allowing it to lead us to new discoveries about this tiny, delicious grain that has so much to offer to the world

Tel/WhatsApp: +234 903 541 5224

Email: hello@synfoniofoods.com